About the Cookies

Baking up delicious, all-natural cookies, including gluten-free treats is what we are about. Nothing artificial added EVER! Introducing our meringue cookies in three flavors: Chocolate Chip, Café Latte, and Organic Red Raspberry. Our meringue cookies are a creamy and light treat. Handcrafted from a unique family recipe these pleasures are an intense, flavorful, taste sensation. Go ahead and give them as a unique gift or enjoy them yourself –– you deserve a satisfying indulgence! Look for them soon at a store near you!


just meringues chocolate chip

just meringues cafe latte

just meringes red raspberry pizzaz

Dark Chocolate Chip

Our rendition of the universal favorite “chocolate chip cookie” uses our creamy meringue with dark chocolate chips. The perfect blend of meringue and dark chocolate gives these cookies a nostalgic reminder of childhood memories. Even though they are light and airy, these bites are packed full of flavor.

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Café Latte

If you want a cup of coffee without all the fuss of the perfect brew, why not indulge in a “cup of cookies?” These meringues have fresh brewed coffee with hints of espresso bits throughout for a very satisfying coffee break any time of the day or night.

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Organic Red Raspberry Pizzazz

Pizzazz is the operative word here! The red raspberry is what our samplers called “very flavor forward” for the sophisticated palette. These cookies have a sweet and sour note that pack a wallop of flavor in such a small bite.

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Coming Soon:

Vanilla Bean: This won’t be any plain old vanilla. We are still developing just the perfect hint of vanilla with vanilla bean sprinkled throughout.
Coming soon…

Mushroom MeringuesMushroom Meringue Cookies: Coming Fall, 2016!
They’re back! Yes, it is time to relive the ‘90’s! These magical mushroom cookies are made with the same light, creamy meringue and a dollop of dark chocolate. Gluten-free and low in fat, they are a taste sensation as well as eye candy.

Is it a mushroom? Is it a cookie? It’s a wonderful surprise – something to treasure and savor.

Mushroom Meringues will be available in the Fall of 2016 online or through a retailer near you, so be sure to sign up for the email notification.

Will be available in:
Small Tin: 24 cookies
Large Tin: 48 cookies


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