Why We’re Different

A big mission starting with simple ingredients.

meringue_bowlOur initial mission is to redefine and shake up the gluten-free cookie perceptions by introducing flavor forward, bold tasting, creamy meringues that satisfy and indulge your taste buds. Our ingredients are simple – you probably have them all in your pantry at home, and we use organic ingredients when possible. The “twist” is in our unique process. We have created a creamier, lighter meringue than most people expect. When sampling our products, customers often remark how they are not like any meringue they’ve had before. And it’s a bonus for those looking for tasty and indulgent gluten-free desserts!

We also have a bigger mission in mind as we grow the business. We believe in creating a company that values our employees from the very beginning and we want to promote professional development at every stage of the business. To this end, we are also supporting Bottomless Closet, a non-profit that connects economically disadvantaged women with jobs in New York City. This type of support is at the root of our business because of the support we have received to launch our company. The cookies and our business were developed at home, in our kitchen for friends and family. Eating cookies and indulging others is one part of our passion – employing and valuing people is the other side of the “cookie.”  We want to care and nurture our immediate contacts so we can all feel special and loved!